NAAC with 'A' Grade in Cycle II (2011) - College with Potential for Excellence (UGC - CPE) Phase - II 2014-19
Infrastructural Facilities

Facilities available in the College include :

  • Library with text books, Reference books, Journals, Periodicals, Photocopier Computer, DelNet, InflibNet-N list and Internet Facilities.
  • Book Bank.
  • Well equipped Classrooms and Seminar Room with LCD, OHP Slide Projector, Plazma T.V., Visual Presenter etc.
  • An auditorium with capacity of 500 seats for National, Academic and Cultural events.
  • Uninterrupted power backup through 40 KVA generator.
  • Field unit van.
  • Water coolers with purifiers.
  • Network Resource Centre with internet.
  • 4 Computer labs with LAN and Internet facility.
  • Language Lab.
  • Educational Lab.
  • Multimedia Lab.
  • All the modern technological facilities are available for students to enhance their competence, employability and job opportunities.

Policies for Maintaining Infrastructural Facilities

The infrastructure pertaining to physical, academic and support facilities in the college are regularly maintained to ensure that they are of maximum assistance to the students as well as teaching staff. The college has a well-organized and decentralized mechanism to maintain the physical, academic and support facilities- Laboratory, Library, Computers, Classrooms etc…

There are various committees like Academic Cell, Library, Sports, Literary & Cultural Activities, Computer Centre & Network Resource Centre, Website Media and public relations, Multimedia Lab, Students Welfare & Staff Welfare Committee, Campus-upkeep etc. to ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of infrastructural facilities. Suitable budget is allocated every year for the maintenance of various facilities.

  • The Planning and Development Board of the College makes the assessment of needs of the college on the basis of requisitions obtained from various departments.
  • Finance Committee of the college allocates the budget from internal resources which are approved by the Governing Body.
  • Purchases are made through Purchase Committee as per financial rules.
  • Non-Salary Grants from UGC received through Allahabad University are utilized after administrative and financial approval of the University and through proper purchase procedure as per GFR.


The College has a Library Committee to maintain the library infra-structure and facilities. To purchase and procure books. The requirement and list of books is taken from the concerned departments. The library has a good stock of text and reference books in every department.

The library has memberships of Developing Library Network (DELNET), New Delhi, Information and Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET), Ahmadabad, N-List and National Digital Library of India (NDLI), New Delhi. This all help the users to get their requisite reading materials. Library has a dedicated page on college website displaying its collections, library rules, online subscribed resources, and how to get access to them, online open access resources and services available in the library.

To ensure return of books ‘no dues’ from the library is mandatory for students as well as faculty members before leaving the college.

Library is automated with SOUL software. It functions as a nerve center by facilitating latest updates to its users. Other issues such as stock verification and weeding out of old titles are done by the library committee through proper channel.

Laboratory and Computer Facilities-

The College has Computer lab with LAN and internet facilities, Geography lab Language lab, Data Analysis Lab, Multimedia lab and Educational lab with computers and ICT facilities.

The college has Network Resource Centre and adequate number of computers with internet connections and utility software. The library is provided LAN facility for the computers and they are loaded with the library software. The faculty and research scholars can make use of the computer system with internet.


The college has well equipped classrooms with LCD projector and other ICT facilities.

Cultural and Literary Facilities-

The college has the facility of an air-conditioned auditorium with 500 seats provided and maintained by Jagat Taran Education Society which runs the college. Various national seminars and workshops & film festival have been organized in this auditorium. The college has a reputation of high-level cultural performances like Dramas, Ballad etc. by students under able guidance of faculty members and famous artists of all over India.

Sport Facilities-

The college Sports Committee is responsible for the maintenance of sport facilities in the college. The committee organises inter-institutional sport competitions and sports week at institution level. Games like Table-tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, basketball, kabaddi, Kho-kho etc. are organized in the college campus and athletic events are organized in the Madan Mohan Malviya stadium, Allahabad.

Students Amenities –

The college has many water coolers with aqua guards for students and staff. Uninterrupted power supply in the campus is ensured through 40kv generators.

The college has Student’s Welfare Committee, various scholarship committees, career counselling and placement cell, women cell and grievance redressal cell. These committees provide support services to meet the needs of the students.

Academic Facilities-

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college ensures development and sustenance of quality high education through preparing the annual plan of action of the college and ensuring maximum implementation of the same.