NAAC with 'A' Grade in Cycle II (2011) - College with Potential for Excellence (UGC - CPE) Phase - II 2014-19
Anti Ragging

Anti Ragging Squad for B.A. &
Session 2014-15

Teacher members:

1. Dr. Shikha Dixit Proctor 9450580542
2. Dr. Shandhya Pandey Asst. Proctor 9839214003
3. Dr. Kanak Lata Dubey Asst. Proctor 9452584676
4. Dr. Archana Paul Asst. Proctor 9450611670
5. Dr. Anshumala Mishra Asst. Proctor 9452975341

Student Representatives

1. Pragati yadav D/O Mr. Ram Prasad Yadav
2. Anjali Chaurasia D/O Mr. Ashok Kumar Chaurasia
3. Uma D/O Mr. Brijesh Chandra Tiwari
4. Khushboo Singh D/O Mr. Surendra Kumar Singh
5. Sumedha Pandey D/O Mr. Rakesh Pandey
6. Menka Pandey D/O Mr. Awadhesh Kumar Pandey

Teacher members:

1. Dr. Shikha Dixit Proctor 9450580542
2. Sangeeta Agarwal Com. Faculty 9621654495

Student Representatives:

1. Sakshi Pandey D/O Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Pandey
2. Jyoti Singh D/O Mr. Brijesh Kumar Dhushiya
3. Piyu Bishwas D/O Mr. Tushar Kant Bishwas
4. Ritika Saxena D/O D/O Mr. Manoj Kumar Saxena
5. Pooja Mishra D/O Mr. J.P. Mishra
6. Sharda Kumari D/O Mr. Raj Kumar Prasad

Prevention of Ragging

Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the college. UGC has made it mandatory for all students/parents to submit Anti Ragging related affidavits to the institution at the time of admission.

Download the Affidavits

For detailed Anti Ragging guidelines Please see “UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009”.

Ragging Complaint Mechanism

  • Inform the Proctor at 0532-2468513 and give your complaint
  • Drop a written Complaint in the complaint box in the college