NAAC with 'A' Grade in Cycle II (2011) - College with Potential for Excellence (UGC - CPE) Phase - II 2014-19


Jagat Taran Girls P. G. College (JTGPGC) Central Library is an innovative place for learning with appropriate collections of textbooks, reference books, journals, magazines, newspapers, CD/DVDs, online databases with a number of special facilities for UG and PG students and faculty members. The library has memberships of Developing Library Network (DELNET), New Delhi and Information and Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET), Ahmadabad and National Digital Library of India (NDLI), New Delhi. This all help the users to get their requisite reading materials.

In order to avail maximum output in providing relevant information sources, the open access is provided to all the members of the library. The books are arranged by call numbers according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). Library is automated with SOUL software. If functions as a nerve centre by facilitating latest updates to its users.

Library Timings

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(Monday-Friday except National Holidays)


Items Number
Books (UG Courses) 19011
Books (PG Courses) 530
Journals 8
Magazines 7
Newspapers 11
CD/DVD/Cassette 68
Online Databases N-List
Newspapers: Magazines:
1. The Hindustan Times 1. Chronicle
2. The Times of India 2. Competition Success Review
3. The Indian Express 3. इंडिया टूडे
4. The Hindu 4. प्रतियोगिता दर्पण
5. The Economic Times 5. गृहशोभा
6. The Business Standards 6. कादम्बिनी
7. हिन्दुस्तान 7. कुरुक्षेत्र
8. दैनिक जागरण 8. रोजगार समाचार
9. अमर उजाला
10. जनसत्ता
11. यूनाईटेड भारत